I challenge YOU!!!

    So, here I go.   My first blog.   My first time to take the time to talk about my passions.   My first time to type about my ideals.  My first time to share a part of myself and hope my words will ignite a part of you that believes in the values of sustainability.  There are so many places to start.   There are so many things to say.   There are so many things to do.   All in connection with the decisions we make that affect our Earth.   I have always been very earthly concerned.  I have always been acutely aware of what I have, how I can use it, or, better yet, how I can re-use it.  I grew up in a large family in the 60's and 70's.  Gas shortages.  Garbage dumps.  Playing outside.  Wearing hand-me-downs.  Crochet hats.  Hand sewn clothes.   Thrift shopping.  So, it totally makes sense that I believe in what our shop has to offer... ReWear in pristine condition.   The highest quality yarns and tools to ensure your crafting passions will sustain many generations.  Yes, re-cycle, re-use, re-purpose, create, re-create!  What does all of this have to do with our Earth?   Absolutely everything.  Preserving, sustaining, throw-away economy vs. circular economy.  
    Let's take a minute to define 'circular-economy.'  Conscious consumers are invited to use their buying powers to stop the throw-away mentality.  Stop buying fast fashions.   Stop buying inferior.  Lets all start using our buying powers to generate our natural systems.  Lets all subscribe to the principles of designing out waste and pollution by keeping products and materials in use.  Yes, re-cycle, re-purpose, create, re-create.  
    Our world is changing.   Our world is hurting.   Our world is wounded.   One small gesture can truly make all the difference.  One small change, taken by many can lead to great changes for all.  I'm calling you all out.   I'm challenging you to make a small gesture.   Make a decision on your next purchase that will help to sustain our Earth, not add to its destruction.  
    My first blog.   I am happy with my words.   I am happy I have shared them with you.   I am happy that changes are on their way by me and by you.   Take care.   Stay Safe.  Stay in touch.   Elva